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Woman Playing Fife (poem)

There is a woman playing fife
at the bottom of the sea.
Now, if you think that sounds impossible,
then this is not your poem.

In this poem
she certainly is playing the fife
and the sound that it makes
is the sound of the waves.

People think the sound of the waves
is caused by water hitting itself
and in a way that is true.
it is certainly how she plays the fife.

all the fishes gather round to listen
when she is finished they
do a little shimmery movement,
because they have no hands to clap.

Well, it’s a falsity that they try to clap
and it’s a falsity that she finishes.
She is there for eternity,
playing the fife, making the sound of waves.

Image by Ervin Janek, the poem was written for the image as part of an ongoing collaboration that may, one day, result in a book.

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