Friday Eye Day, Monday Poem day, Wednesday Sense Day

A Plan of Action. I decided I should have one. I tend to get all enthusiastic with blogging, go at it with gusto, and then life intervenes and next thing I haven't posted for ages.

So, in view of the new blog, I came up with a new idea. I am going to get regular. Don't laugh, you who know me. Just because I have been described as, 'As disorganised as stork shit in mid air.'

I used to have an almost religious fervour against structure, probably a response to years at a boarding school. But quite a few years have passed since bording school just quietly, and here I am, still fighting structure and timetables. Well, I do have a rather random brain, and have found it quite fertile actually. But maybe you, my loved readers, would enjoy to know when I am likely to put something up. Plus, if I structure my blogging, perhaps I won't burn out quite so easily.

To this end, I plan to post three times a week:
Monday will be Poem Day. I will post a poem, or maybe two! or a book of poems, or a haiku.
Friday will be Eye Day (something for our eyes, haiga, my art practice, something visual).
Wednesday will be Sense Day, in which I attempt to make sense of the world or my self. I plan to write behind-the-scenes stuff about my art, poetry, the world. Essays perhaps, sometimes, in the form of haibun.

So you see, regular as clockwork, though I may need to arrange them into the order one finds those days in a week. That surely will help. Of course, for those of from over the sea, I will seem most eager, posting Friday when it is still Thursday where you are.

What day is it today? Friday Eye Day. Oh dear, this post seems much more like Wednesday Sense day. So in order to fix that, here is something for your eyes: a haiga, poem by Issa from my little handmade book called 'Thop'. I hope the haiku is not indicative of my endeavour for regularity.

Enjoy. And watch out for me on Monday for Poem Day. See You then.

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