Sand in the Works

It was a fishing tournament (prizes for the biggest catch) and people came from miles around and set up camp in the dunes. Then they drove their shiny four-wheel drives down to the beach to fish.

The organisers assured everyone that they’d assured everyone there would be a king tide, but the fishing was so good that everyone forgot.

Well, next day there were backhoes on the beach digging the vehicles out. One guy opened his car door and was shoveling out armfuls of sand. Another raised his bonnet and there was the top of his engine all shiny and clean above the neatly packed sand. They had to get all of it out before they could lift the vehicles. I’m glad I wasn’t there because, I’m afraid, I found it funny and that would have gone down like a lead balloon or a dead four-wheel drive.

above the tideline
the little plover mother
returns to her eggs

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